The Amethyst Machine


As the mighty and experienced knight Ferbus “Jolly” Iaradas takes an important position as a head explorer under command only directly by King Uramor, he must also take in a very important mission. He must inmediatly go and retrieve a huge list of books that where stolen from the main library, some of the books where stolen centuries ago. And as Ferbus has lost contact with all of his old Elzrarian and Etehari adventure companions, he must now adapt to a new team that’s trustful to his lord and send them everywhere over the realm to investigate… and quickly.


The Kingdom of Atera has suffered from over a century of colonialism from the Elzrarian Empire. But there is rumor that the old king has finally found a way to finally free his people, an ancient and long forgotten apparatus called The Amethyst Machine. As many people in the kingdom already has friends or even family among those of Elzrarir, the tension grows and people starts to wonder.


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